Fill til it tries to run out.
Noise is gone and I was so happy with the guy I bought some oil and filters from him even though I didn't need them.
Npull off the drain hose at the bottom of the oil tank, (same as a Softail oil drain).E correct answer.038 -.043.Signing Up so that you can enjoy all the features and offers on the forum.Clamp the hose back to the frame when it's done.( Full Answer one can purchase a Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster directly from the manufacturer.Tow Rigs, Trailers and other things with Wheels.Lets help each other out by describing what we will find at our local dealerships as well as documenting any dealers who provide better than expected service.Polls, location of all the various polls and voting we do across the forum.The primary case aluminum is very soft and itsthreads are easy to strip.Vendors A place for all vendors to tell us about their products and our comments about those products Our Rules and Regulations of Operation Forum Feature, Rules, Communication Requests Got a request about how this forum is run, structured etc.1 Unscrew the drain plug from the bottom of the engine's primarychain and clutch case (left side using a 5/8-inch socket and asocket wrench.Forum Use Tips and Tricks Ways to get the most out of XenForo forum software Total: 88 (members: 28, guests: 60) Threads 21,169 Messages 364,102 Members 14,584 Latest member Quikgt #post Weight: 1 #metoo Weight: 1 #1) Weight: 1 #jeepgang Weight: 1 #2) Weight: 1 Top.(warm bike up remove oil cap for better flow) ( Full Answer type the words "E-Z Pull Clutch Assist" into Google's search engine, choose and buy the product you desire, follow manufacturer's installation instructions.

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Hard to find a good honest mechanic these days.
After calling around to pretty much every shop in town, I finally happened across a retired Harley mechanic that worked out of his home, one bike at a time, appointment only type of guy.