DO NOT skip the cutscene.
Achievement/Trophy: Look At All That Juice edit Mix the following drinks to meet the requirements of the "Look At All That Juice" Trophy/Achievement (Create and consume all mixed drinks in the game).If lose 50 of your life, the armor will break and you will take normal damage in your shorts.Afterwards, beat down Ted, watch sims 3 supernatural crack only mac him die, then hop up on top of Snowflake's house.Instead of 2,500 per Machine you will get 5,000.To save them, you must pay the 100,000 buy-in then win.(This tip is especially handy for transporting the soldier during the Shell-Shocked mission).Chilli Chilli Energizer.
This weapon is incredibly powerful, more so than any rifle other than the Sniper Rifle.

Explosive Temper, change into 10 different pieces of clothing.Achievement/Trophy Tip: Zombie Genocide Master edit, first off you need 2,000,000 and the driver magazine.B 4 / /b Americana Casino, VIP Poker Room.Jump on them, then to the giant dice, and finally across the gap to claim gta evolution compressed iso your prize.Popular, dead Rising 2 guides, dead Rising 2 Combo Card Weapon Guide.Drill Bucket - Power Drill Bucket.E.D.Achievement, description, reach level 25, apprentice Rising, mix a drink.Keep in mind, only 1 survivor can fit in the chair and even uninjured survivors can sit.
If you check out the stage in Slot Ranch Casino head behind the curtain and to your right side is some boxes.
Milk Jellybeans Ouick Step.

Certain missions give out Zombrex for rescuing survivors and you can even find some sitting around on high ledges.
5 / In Big Roy's Mart in Royal Flush Plaza (case related).