This is by far the easiest way to get the iOS update installed onto a device and requires no computer at all, the whole thing is completed on the iPhone or iPad.
If you used an Apple device previously, you can restore from either an iCloud or iTunes backup, but note that the latter requires connecting to a computer.
Now for iOS 10 to start, you need to check that your device can run iOS.
Editors' Recommendations Don't Miss The best iPhone 7 battery cases Up Next New app lets kids turn 2D drawings into 3D-printable models with ease.Keep in mind that any beta handspring visor deluxe software version of iOS 10 is liable to be littered with bugs and that many of your apps wont work properly.If your iPad comes with a fingerprint sensor, you can set that up now, too.You can download any iOS software updates for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch without using iTunes.Summary Check for Update.If you dont want to save your Health and Activity data, just click.This will be followed by a prompt to either activate or deactivate Location Services.
Select your iOS hardware to get a complete list of iOS updates for that device: Note that you will still need to use iTunes to install the iOS update on your hardware.
Click on Certificates, Identifiers Profiles.

Because the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad all run iOS, these instructions also apply to those devices.This is often a more reliable way to get an iOS update immediately, sometimes iTunes will time out during the download when an iOS update has just been released, this is probably due to server overload.Let iTunes update your hardware to the latest version.The iOS update file has downloaded, now what?Find your device in the right-hand pane and reveal the udid by clicking on Serial Number.Head over to m/sp/betaprogram to get started.Each new version of the iOS the operating system that runs the iPhone brings new features, bug fixes, and exciting changes to what your phone can do and how you use. .But first, check if your device is running iOS.1.3 or later youll automatically receive the latest public beta software via an over-the-air update if your device matches that version number or is higher.If you had Find My iPhone on, youll need to enter your Apple ID and password afterward to activate your device.Once the backup is complete, head over to iTunes Preferences Devices on your computer, control-click the backup you made, and choose.Otherwise, you can just go ahead with the setup and take care of it later.Since its launch in 2010, the iPad setup process has seen some changes.Whichever method you choose, theres no limit to the number of devices you can install iOS 10 on, as long as theyre associated with your developer account.
How to download iOS 10, you can download and install iOS 10 the same way youve downloaded previous versions of iOS either download it over Wi-Fi, or install the update using iTunes.

Look for All under Devices on the left-hand side, and click the addition sign to add your device.
General, and then the, international tab) so no need to freak out if you pick English instead of, uh, British English, for example.