Be sure to save your work often.
When I press the power button Set this option to Standby so that the computer will go into Standby mode when you press the power button.
The computer returns to the screen you were using.Note For optimum DVD performance, it is recommended that you play DVDs while running the computer on AC power.(b) caller identification information (which occurs between the first and second ring cadences) is not destroyed.9740 Irvine Boulevard Irvine, California Telephone: (949) EU Declaration of Conformity toshiba declares, that the product: PPM20* confor.The computer also has an internal real-time-clock (RTC) battery.If you want to know more arena chess titans game or withdraw your consent 10.5 realplayer 11 gold full to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy.102 Mobile Computing Mobile Computing Running the computer on battery power Battery Notice Battery life may vary considerably from specifications depending on product model, panzer general 3 full game configuration, applications, power management settings and features utilized, as well as the natural performance variations produced by the design of individual.By pressing the power button.The computer saves the state of all open programs and files to memory, turns off the display, and goes into a low-power mode.If the computer is continuously operated on AC power, either through an AC adapter or a docking station (if applicable to your system for an extended period (more than a month the battery may fail to retain a charge.This is normal for all batteries.Sample Full Power Properties window Learning the Basics Learning the Basics Toshibas online resources 6 Select Standby for the options you want.
This may shorten the life of the battery, and the battery light may not indicate a low-battery condition.

Chapter 6, Power and Power-Up Modes, gives details on the computers power resources and battery save modes and how to set a password.Connec- tion to telephone company-provided coin service (central office implemented systems) is prohibited.Chapter 9, Troubleshooting, provides helpful information on how to perform some diagnos.If you put the computer in Standby mode by closing the display panel, you can start the computer again by opening the display panel.If you have any questions about your telephone line, such as how many pieces of equipment you can connect to it, the telephone company will provide this informa- tion upon request.Toshibas energy-saver design Your computer enters a low-power suspension mode when it is not being used, thereby conserving energy and saving money in the process.Under the copyright laws, this manual cannot be reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of toshiba.Recharge time varies depending on usage.No patent liability is assumed, with respect to the use of the informa- tion contained herein.For information on products and services, please see the following site.5 Click the Setup Action tab.The Telepermit may not be assigned to other parties or other products without Telecom approval.This device may not cause harmful interference.In addition, your computers Power Saver utility can be used to select a power level setting for DVD playback.Telephone company procedures The goal of the telephone compan.
Operation is subject to the following two conditions:.