sims 3 cheats needs static

Here's the full list of codes to unlock them.
Unlock_perk AdditionalWorker_2 true Serious Shopper bucks.
This will let you select to make only that Sim's needs static or make them happy by filling all needs.Equip_trait Ghost_Frozen move_trait Ghost_Frozen The overheating death cheat will instantly turn your Sim into a ghost.Traits Rewards, relationships, get to Work, get Famous.This will let you change the gender, traits, everything, and is much more powerful than the scaled down version you get without typing this cheat.Unlock_perk RestockSpeed_Small true Faster Restock Large bucks.To remove the vampire trait and revert a Sim, use move_trait trait_OccultVampire.Unlock_perk RetailOutfit true Faster Checkouts Small bucks.Thankfully, if you go overboard like in the picture above you can always undo it and shrink the object down to a size you like.Chat to Change Your Sim's Looks: Edit in Create-A-Sim You ndoc visual studio 2010 ultimate iso can now edit a Sim in create-a-sim with testingcheats enabled.Use this for devious reasons, or to avoid editing families.You'll be presented with a Menu with the following advanced Cheats.How to use Testing Cheats : As listed above you must type the console command testingcheatsenabled true.This is a list of cheats in The Sims 4 that allow you to get money, prevent death, and adjust your Skill and Career levels.This will stop working after you make needs static (see below).This should be a fluid motion and not too slow.There is also a bunch of cheats you can use to make NPC sims have certain jobs.
Equip_trait lifeskills_goodmanners - icf sw7600gr service manual adds the Good Manners trait move_trait lifeskills_uncontrolledemotion - removes the Uncontrolled Emotion trait Manners Traits Good Manners lifeskills_goodmanners Bad Manners lifeskills_badmanners Responsibility Traits Responsible - lifeskills_responsible Irresponsible - lifeskills_irresponsible Empathy Traits Compassionate - lifeskills_compassionate Insensitive - lifeskills_unfeeling Conflict Reeolution Traits Mediator.
Enables or disables headline effects (good for screenshots).

Zeneport and Tranquil Transference.Career Promotion Cheat You can change your Sim's current job and even give them a promotion to the top level in that career track.Unlock_perk AdditionalChef true Curiouser Customers bucks.Clicking a Work Site Force Events and Opportunities hellkiller warcraft iii nocd 121 If you shift-click your Sim's place of work, you can force events to occur.If you don't know which branch you want, check out the linked Career guides to see the benefits and pay of each.I'll list some of them here.Unlock_perk LengthenImpatienceTimeout true Additional Chef bucks.Ground-Clicking Testing Cheats, how to Teleport, this cheat will really take some travel time off your Sim's commute!Gives the specified amount of money to the household with that last name resetsim firstname lastname.2, if you stick with the cheats described in this guide, you'll be fine.You can make these consumables infinite by using the nsumables_infinite_toggle Cheat.Heap more here I missed too.The game should be unpaused to do this, or it may appear to not be working.