If the vehicle is equipped red cable must be wired to the terminal that with a indian economy book pdf hindi glass antenna, connect it to the antenna can detect the operation of the ignition key.
Be sure to connect connectors of the same color.
It may cause injury to a passenger as a result of a sudden stop.Filrewall or metal support 60, metal strap, screw, dIN Front/Rear-mount, screw (M4 8).Ring, push the trim ring onto the When installing in a shallow space, use a unit until it clicks.Screw Dashboard or Console Factory radio mounting bracket.This cable and other product's ground cable (especially, high-current products such as power amp) must be wired ACC position No ACC position separately.This unit can be properly installed either from "Front" (conventional DIN Front-mount) or "Rear" (DIN Rear-mount installation, utilizing threaded screw holes at the sides of unit chassis).Speakers with 50 W (output value) and 4 ohm to 8 ohm (impedance value).CD receiver, autoradio CD, radio CD, dEH-P3100UB.Trim ring Installation English.Cover any disconnected cable connectors with insulating tape.Fastening the front panel DIN Rear-mount If you do not plan to detach the front panel,.Determine the appropriate position where the holes on the bracket and the side of the unit match.To protect the wiring, wrap adhesive tape around them where they lie against metal parts.Use this unit in other than the following conditions could result in fire or malfunction.Imprimé en Chine YRD5275-A/S UC kminx 08H00000 Installation, english.(If the trim ring is supplied mounting sleeve.

For details, refer to the following installation methods.Print, print page 1, rename the bookmark, delete from my manuals?Current capacity of the cable is limited.Otherwise, battery drain may result.Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery before installation.Extend top and bottom of the trim screws ring outwards to remove the trim.Connect it to an external power amp's system remote control or When this unit is installed in a vehicle without the vehicle's auto-antenna relay control terminal ACC (accessory) position on the ignition switch, (max.Use commercially available parts when such as near the heater outlet.