Does the party wall agreement effect the driveways or is just the houses due to possible damage.
My neighbor has stated she does not want to wall altered in any way.
These are separated by alow party wall.
(BTW, I cut off the watch buckle and did not use it).Is there anything I can do?(be careful it's small and you could easily slip and cut your fingers).Can we sue our neighbour either under the party wall agreement or under common law?But it was late and I couldn't be faffed with getting that out, so I glue gun glued the fabic.The damp situation is getting worse and causing more damage the longer it is left unaddressed any advice would be gratefully received.( i forgot to take a neuropol x bold font picture so this a s digitally sprayed version of this step) OMG, freaky I hear you say, scary even.E - 13-May-18 @ 1:25 PM Sooz - Your Question: Neighbours are extending their detached property, adding a bedroom above the garage and extending out behind the garage.Offer the eye sidney sheldon novels pdf and ring up to the leather and glue the straps in place, but don't glue the ring and eye on essential tactical patch pouch yet.Colin The Baskervilles' talking house, like all houses in Underworld, instead of giving shelter to his family, he is secretly trying to bump them off; but at least he's polite about.
My neighbour and his tenants have become intimidating and we have recently acquired a large dog, whowe don't want jumping over this low wall.

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Who is responsible for any damages or moisture that occurs due to this drilling?