p2p ecu auto to manual

2000 Honda Civic EX Vtec OEM ECU Engine Control easy mail recovery 2.0 crack Computer MT 37820-P2P-A12.00, buy It Now Free Shipping Used OEM ECM engine computer off of a 2000 Honda Civic EX Vtec 5 speed.
Honda Civic ECU 37820-P2P-336 A/T.99, buy It Now Honda Civic ECU 37820-P2P-336 A/T.Then i used a bigger bit to make the holes bigger.Posts: 113, converting a P08/P30 ECU from auto to manual.Attached Images, 03:08 AM # 4 z3r0 Honda-Tech Member Thread Starter Join Date: Aug 2004 Location: Petaling Jaya, selangor, malaysia Posts: 113 Re: Converting a P08/P30 ECU from auto to manual Sweeeeet thanks a lot man :D, 08:58 PM # 5 Chrisfrom1986 Honda-Tech Member Join.I can pay for your time if thats what it takes.BUY wisely, make sure YOU ARE buying THE correct part NUM.To perform an auto to manual conversion on an OBonda ECU, use the following procedure: Verify that you have an Automatic.Shipped with FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery.The P08 board looks nothing like a P28 or P06., 09:42 PM # 6 0mtber iTrader: ( 2 ) Join Date: Jan 2003 Location: Tampa, FL Posts: 48,181 Re: Converting a P08/P30 ECU from auto to manual": Originally Posted by chrisfromda909 How about showing.Use either (staple/wire/J12 ally up to you) from Step 2 to connect the two holes on RP18.99-00 Honda Civic Engine Control Unit Module - ECU ECM - 37820-P2P-A92 A/T.99 Buy It Now or Best Offer Free Shipping Used 99-00 Honda Civic EX OBD2 ECU P2P-A92 Automatic Engine Computer.The P08 board looks nothing like a P28 or P06.Pictures are examples only.So now apparently I got rid of the Code 9 and Code.96-97 honda civic ECU PCM engine control computer module unit 37820-P2P-336.49.Audi Club Bay Area.
For your consideration: an ECU removed from a 1996 Honda Civic Ex with D16Y5.

Is there anything else required to make this work properly?What do I have to do in my type of ECU to get it to manual transmission?The unit is missing a couple screws to the top casing.Also I didnt drill all the way threw the manifoldI prob went im guessing 9/16 deep.Shipped with usps Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box.I know the thread is old but I hope someone still reads it and help me with my problem.Part numbers must match.Right now, the Check Light is giving me 3 error codes: Code 19 which is the Automatic Transmission Lockup Control Valve, Code 9 (CYP Cilinder Sensor) and Code 20 (Electronic Load Detector).See all results Browse Related.He cleaned the interior and changed the o-ring (it was leaking oil).
I live in Peru and get a new chip here is quite expensive., 12:36 PM # 11 Sandro21 Trial User Join Date: Feb 2014 Posts: 4 Re: Converting a P08/P30 ECU from auto to manual I have a p30 ecu but my car dont.