Six all-metal monkey wrenches: 15-inch.M.
Lot of 13 assorted ford wrenches: three adjustable; five hubcap; three ratcheting, etc.
Five wooden handled monkey wrenches: 16-inch B C combination pipe nut with long adjuster sleeve; 15-inch B C with hex adjuster nut; 15-inch coes; 15-inch W B; and 13-inch B C combination pipe nut with long adjuster sleeve.Unknown make hand corn planter with tin hopper and a wood frame and handle, very good overall.Mfgs.; 9-inch chicago MFG.The following last-minute wrenches will be sold immediately following Lot 414 at the end of the Raak Wrench Collection.( Photo Photo 2 ) 303.( Photo ) 747.Continuous grip stretcher PAT'D june 17th, 1902.12-inch; lake superior wrench.; and 18-in.Has a chain driven conveyor type discharge belt, a newer wooden chute, very good working condition.( Photo Photo 2 ) 588.All metal with patterened handle; G: unknown 8-inch wood handled monkey wrench; H: 6-inch ladd New York; I: 6-inch loop handle nut wrench; and J: a Cochran Speed Nut self-adjust nut wrench.Leather nose basket, very good; plus wire mesh nose basket and two misc.Along side of the frame these pieces of wire are in are two 54-inch pieces of modern stay.
( Photo ) 550.

( Photo ) 373.1/2-inch parallel; German Entanglement Wire WWI;.M.Leather nose basket with riveted construction, good.24, 1874; Glidden 3 line, 2 lines running parallel,.F.( Photo Photo 2 ) 158.Cast iron tractor or implement tool box, mounting bracket intact.( Photo Photo 2 ) 689.( Photo ) 141.(297 or 298 Smith) ( Photo Photo 2 ) 467.( Photo ) 627.(schulz 413) ( Photo Photo 2 ) 320.( Photo ) 800.Minneapolis Thrashing Machine steam engine wrench 11-inch malleable marked 142M, very good.

14, 1914, screw adjust pipe wrenches.
(315 Smith) ( Photo Photo 2 ) 507.
Lot of six horse related tools: neverslip 13-inch patented never slip MFG.