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80 million tons of earth was vaporised.1585 Foundation of Oxford University Press Shakespeare started seriously to write about this time 1586 Camden Britannia, first topographical survey of England 1587 Feb 8: Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots, at Fotheringay Castle, near Peterborough Apr 19: Sir Francis Drake sinks the Spanish fleet.Imperial measures, glossary of Terms, monarchs of England and their dates.We have done our best, and hope that you will take the list in that spirit.Kevicar est le champion.Soccer TournamentSoccernoidSocial Networking WarsSocialites DecoitsSock And AweSocom SealSoda Shooter OlympicsSofia Modern FamilySofia TetrisSofia the First Candy ShooterSofia the First Candy Shooter ArcadeSofia the First Candy Shooter ClassicSokobanSokoboom 2Sol BombersSoldierSoldier Attack 1Soldier Attack 2Soldier FortuneSoldiers' 60Solitaire AirportSolitaire Captive QueensSolitaire CardzSolitaire Cruise v2Solitaire Golf SLingoSolitaire MatcherSolitaire Poker.Can't find confirmation of this one see Regular series of wills starts in Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1386 Treaty of Windsor between Britain and Portugal "The British have an alliance with Portugal unbroken since the year 1384, and which produced fruitful results at a critical.Blox ForeverBlox Matching 3Blox Matching3Blox PlatterBloxorzBloXplatterBloxx - MathBloxxsterBloxyBlub LoveBlubber MonsterBlueBlue ArcherBlue Beetle Blast AttackBlue Black JackBlue Blox 2Blue House hiddenmaniaBlue KnightBlue Midget WalkerBlue TougueBlueprint 3D - RelaxBlues Big BangsBlueshift - EasyBlueshift - HardBlueshift - NormalBM-RexBMRexBMW DrivingBMX BackflipsBMX ExtremeBMX GhostBMX ldsbmx MasterBMX Master Champion shipBMX Master.Buh PoppaBubafishBubAFish - CasualBubAFish - TimeBubba 21Bubble AdventuresBubble ArcadeBubble Beach 2Bubble BeeBubble Blast 3 - Normal ModeBubble BlasterBubble Blaster v32Bubble blob SpeedBubble BlubbsBubble BobbleBubble Bobble The RivalBubble BomberBubble Boom BoomBubble BotBubble BoundBubble Breaker BoomingBubble Breaker FullBubble Breaker StartBubble BubbleBubble BugBubble Bug CatcherBubble BugsBubble BurstBubble Burst.A special service (expunged in 1859) was inserted in the Book of Common Prayer and people wore sprigs of oak with gilded oak-apples on that day.Oh My CakeOilig ArchyOkto's 100m SwimOktoberfestOlaf Bobble ShootOlaf Bubble ShootOlaf FlyOlaf Grab PresentsOld Cars ParkingOld House - Hidden TargetOld MacDonald Had A FarmOld Man FishingOld Man Fishing StyleOld School FroggerOld Ship Jigsaw v32Old Town TexasOldgitOlive WarsOlkoOlko 2Olli BallOllieOlympic 2012 - Running RaceOlympic 2012 Running RaceOlympic.1752 started on 1 January, so that 1751 was a short year.Where is the BallWhere Is The CatWherere My BunniesWheres My BedWhindyWhiskey Tango FoxtrotWhisper of the Heart - Hidden ObjectsWhite Clocks Cannot JumpWhite House - All MapsWhite House - Governor MapWhite House - President MapWhite House - Senator MapWhite House Down stdwhite ShirtsWhizWordsWho Bob What PantsWho.Radioactive mud fell out of the sky followed by heavy rain.(See 1829) Mar 3: John Wedgwood (eldest son of the potter Josiah Wedgwood) founds The Royal Horticultural Society Mar 21: Code Napoleon adopted in France Dec 2: Napoleon declares himself Emperor of the French Dec 12: Spain declares war on Britain Matthew Flinders recommends that.But this also claimed for Crécy, see 1346 ) 1266 Western Isles acquired by Scotland 1270 Eighth Crusade (1270) 1271 Ninth (and last) crusade (127172) 1272 Nov 20: Edward I (who was away on the Crusade) declared king of England following the death of his.
Contrôles: Contrôles: Contrôles: Contrôles: Contrôles: Contrôles: Contrôles: Contrôles: Contrôles: Contrôles: Anonyme, leaders actuels 1 : choupy (1057) 2 : athena65 (1007) 3 : elia90 (835) 4 : lucky (819) 5 : verney (645) 6 : Patricia (617 derniers records : Date » 19 avr.

Creepy CookingScooby Hunt - Spin n SetScooby Love QuestScooby Memory TilesScooby Ripping RideScooby-Doo Hallway Of HijinksScooby's Big AirScoobydoo Find The DifferenceScoobydoo Jumping CloudsScoobyDoo Plane TripScoobydoo SniperScoobys Big AirScoobys Lawn Mowing ChallengeScoopy Space JumpScooty Racing MatchScope : First BloodScope AssaultScore For BristolScore in GermanyScorpionScorpion AttackScorpion BlastScorpion.Hidden - Night CastleGhosts 'n GoblinsGhostScapeGHoul Academy WebGhoulishGi joe Combat SimulatorGi Joe Jade Dagger - FullGI Joe Retaliation Find the NumbersGI Joe Shadow AscentGI Joe Sigma 6Gi Joe: Foxhole 13Gi Joe: Jade DaggerGI Joe: Mantis AttackGI Joe: Scuba SweepGi Joe: SkyburstGi Joe: SnowblindGi Joe: Tank.Run Away TrainRun Bamster RunRun Bart RunRun Batman RunRun Bird RunRun Bolt RunRun Chicken RunRun Doggy RunRun Doreamon Run DistanceRun Em DownRun Fat Bear Run v32RUN Get The Medicine EasyRUN Get The Medicine HardRUN Get The Medicine NormalRun Hopy RunRun Horace, Run!Choupy est le champion de Ultimate Sud!Legends Penalty ShootoutLegion of Superheroes - HypergridLego Basketball ChallengeLego Hockey ChallengeLegorLegor 4Legor 5Legor 6Legor 7Legor 8lehmikLeido BounceLeisure Room-Hid ObjectsLek LekLemic ZoneLemmingsLemmings Boot CampLemon SmashLemonade StandLemonJongLenny the LizardLeon The Spartan DefenderLeopardyLepre2KongLes Triplettes - Hidden ObjectsLes Triplettes de BellevilleLet It FlowLet It GlowLet It Glow 2Let.In addition to the penny, the halfpenny and farthing were minted, and also a fourpenny piece called a 'groat' (from the French 'gross 1280 'Decorated' Gothic period in English architecture (till about 1370) Climate: peak of the medieval warm period 1282 Dec 10: Llewellyn, last.Dance MatDance Of DoomDance QueenDance RevolutionDance!Run Michael RunRun NarutoRun NinjaRun Ninja RunRun Panda RunRun Pinky RunRun Ram Run HardRun Red RunRun Rev RunRun Robo Run v32Run Ronaldo RunRun RunRun Run FuryRun Run RanRun Run RUnRun Run ScoobyRun Santa RunRun Skel RunRun Viking RunRun3Rdrun_runRune MasterRune Of FateRune TowerRune TowersRunesRunes Of MysteryRunic.

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