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If there are no recent keymaps, this button has the same effect as clicking 'open keymap'.
This means that if you want to fit more text on the screen (for example, if your sound file names are long and you want them to not be cut off expand the width of the window more than the height; if you want the.Animated key glow controls whether or not onscreen keyboard keys show a glowing green animated indication of playback progress.When 'only accept input with key combo' is set to 'Ctrl 'CtrlAlt' (Windows) or 'CtrlOption' (Mac if 'background key input' is on and Soundplant is in the background it will ignore all key input unless the selected key combo is used.Using this latter method is recommended, as when you drag Soundplant by clicking and dragging within the Soundplant window, Soundplant's interface continues to update and animate as the window moves.For example, if you are performing on a laptop running on battery and notice that your remaining charge is dangerously low, turn on this setting to minimize Soundplant's power usage.Damping is how much power is lost at each reverberation, where 0 is full reverberation and 100 is mostly lost.

In the Key Configuration Panel, click the 'multi queue'wait' button to set all 3 keys to 'wait' mode.Crarko adds: For.8, including Yosemite.On Mac, this setting can usually be left at the lowest value of 64 unless using the highest sample rates.See Setting Up an iOS 7 On-Demand VPN for the details (it's way too much stuff to post via Macosxhints, as much as I've been a fan of this site for many years).When set to always, hitting any key will select it, even if the key has no assigned sound.If on Mac, the.wav file will always be 32-bit; on Windows, Soundplant can only record to a 32-bit.wav if using an asio output device, otherwise the.wav will be 16-bit if using a non-asio sound driver.Double-click the waveform to reset the offset selection back to the entire length of the sound.

You can also save empty keymap templates to load sounds onto in the future and preserve key settings.
Memory usage adjusts how Soundplant manages RAM.
Protecting shared resources edit To run safely on multiprocessor machines, access to shared resources (files, data structures etc.) must be serialized so that threads or processes do not attempt to modify the same resource at the same time.