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Lego indiana jones minikit guide xbox 360

Once you have taken it to the xbox top, you will lego need to jump onto the area where the boxes are located.
You will need to jump down into the room below, you will be able xbox to move the bed around and use it as a trampoline xbox and get back up to the upper level you were previously.
You will be able to make your way into a small area located on the left, guide you will need to watch out for the traps!Go to the second to last room.You will need to head onto the bridge and lay some attacks on the boss enemy, you will need to also use your whip on the boulders.Oh it breaks lego the heart (15 points Oh it breaks the heart.You will then need to head across the new path.You will need to attack the arms 4 times before you enter a cut-scene.Head through the opening lego and you will see a digging area in front of you, you will need to dig, you will find a very heavy stone statue.You will be battering your way through the market you will have a few different waves of enemies.Once you have taken out the second wave of enemies, you will need to take out two more that will arrive on some camels.

He will need to place it on the aliens green area.
Wisely (30 points Unlock patch all of the available characters.
Indiana and book dad will need to head over delirium and floor stand massey on the last two switches.
Indiana will need up jump up to the bar keygen and hang patch off.
You will need to get her to push the chest along the patterned floor and over the edge, put the pieces together to make a ladder.The statue is fully formed now, you will need to give it some life, you will need to make your way over to the right and head up the crates, you will then need to stop the flames that are around out.Marion will need to make her way to the top level and push of the box, this will smash giving you some pieces.Start the engines, Jock!Once the cut-scene is over, you will need to run after the enemy that has stolen your goodies!

You will need to pick up your skull lego indiana jones minikit guide xbox 360 and make your way to the exit that is open.
You will need to keep whipping him and pushing him over to the traps located in the floor.
Once you have finished watching the cut-scene, you will be able to have a wonder around the area and have a look around.