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The origin of species-specific CHC profiles in insects can be the result of mutation in genes which are involved in the biosynthetic pathway of CHCs.
Castaneum (TC000238) has a very similar domain structure and RNAi knockdown implies that this protein is functionally active (100 mortality after larval injection).
However, the relative importance of regulatory changes and gene duplications for the origin of novel CHC phenotypes has rarely been investigated.
The results of the phylogeny of these domains, together with the inconsistencies of domain modification of the FASs in cluster III, indicates that these genes are most likely derived independently by lineage-specific duplications from FASs in cluster.Second, we identified candidate genes for FASs and elongases crack para gta 4 vice city ultimate in Chorthippus transcriptomes as these genes are involved in regulation of CHC chain length lenovo audio driver installer and the position of methyl-branches.Early studies on the fatty acid biosynthesis in insects 45, 46, 47 and vertebrates, suggest that a single FAS can synthesize both straight-chain and methyl-branched fatty acids.The evolution of novel phenotypes can have different molecular origins.Mollis, (ii) coding sequence changes, and (iii) sequence evolution on a broad scale (class Insecta).Methyl-branches are incorporated during the fatty acid elongation process by FASs and/or elongases.Consequently, the two paralogs have different evolutionary fates.Fasn1 is expressed in the fat body, while fasn2 and fasn3 are both expressed in oenocytes of adult flies.The expression pattern of elongases was similar in both Chorthippus species, but three elongases (EloF, CG30008, and CG5326 orthologs) showed male-biased gene expression.Thus, we focused on these protein families as candidates for producing the species and sex specific CHC pattern.

In many insects orders, these two copies underwent additional lineage-specific duplication events resulting in independent expansions of the FAS family (paralogs: Orthoptera: 4 ( Chorthippus Isoptera: 5 (.Mollis, indicating that this locus is under selection.We found numerous candidate FAS transcripts in Chorthippus that cluster into three groups on our FAS phylogeny.Ants and beetles are known for their highly diverse and complex CHC profiles.Thus, it is unclear whether these transcripts code for functional proteins.In addition, coding sequence changes of preexisting genes and/or gene duplications can also lead to mazda 2 service manual 2009 modifications of existing phenotypes.In the honeybee, Apis mellifera, two elongases, GB54399 and GB40681, are positively correlated with the production of methyl-branched CHCs.Similar conclusions can be drawn from the Drosophila sister species.The majority of CHCs are synthesized de novo in oenocytes by a sophisticated network of fatty acid synthases (FASs elongases, desaturases, reductases, and a decarbonylase.In addition to their divergent acoustic signals, the sympatric Chorthippus grasshopper species,.Biguttulus also showed large variability in CHC phenotype, with some individuals exhibiting the methyl-branching pattern typical for.Biguttulus and position 15.At least in Drosophila, the biosynthesis of methyl-branched CHCs can be linked to duplication and neofunctionalization of a FAS gene.
Birchii has lost the fasn2 expression in oenocytes, due to cis-regulatory changes.
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Comparative studies have demonstrated that CHC profiles tend to be species-specific mixtures ranging in complexity from a couple to more than a hundred compounds 8,.