After Al packs driver iiyama pro 510 manual up Woody and his Roundup gang and heads for the airport, Slinky stretches down from the elevator ceiling to retrieve Woody, but is thwarted by the Prospector.
What's he doin'?The toys mention that he was consistently kicked out of summer camp; and in the audio commentary on the tenth anniversary DVD, the directors mention that he is a bully but also the "most creative character in the movie".As part of Woody's plot to rescue Buzz from Sid, Woody orders, "Wind the Frog!When Lotso is revealed to be evil, he locks the toys up and shows them Woody's hat, making Bullseye miss Woody.Stinky Pete says he does not know how the TV turned on, and Woody believes him.Woody, Buzz, and an Alien get taken to Sid's house.
In the film's opening sequence, he is used by Woody during Andy's playtime.

Woody, don't be mad at Jessie.Then again when the claw grabs Buzz in the crane game.Say, little missy, you notice any trouble around these parts?Then we'd better make sure we're there waiting for him.They almost get caught by Big Baby because one of the Aliens falls off Bullseye and squeaks, but manage to hide inside a pail.Not now, Hamm.In the credits, she welcomes new toys happily and is later seen sneaking a message to Woody and his friends in Bonnie's backpack.Everything for a buck-buck-buck.I am missing my arm!
That's in Japan!
You've got the wrong Buzz!

Potato Head refers to them as his boys, implying that all three are male.
What are you doing, Buzz?