concrete crack injection machine

Strike off - To level off freshly placed concrete to the correct elevation.
Broadcast - To hand toss a dry-shake color hardener, decorative aggregate, or other dry material in a uniform layer over fresh concrete, overlays, or coatings to add color or traction.I integral color - A coloring agent premixed into fresh concrete or cementitious toppings before placement.High-pressure water blasting - A process for cleaning or roughening concrete surfaces using a stream of water delivered at high pressure.Substantially lower in weight than plain concrete, with higher flexural and compressive strengths.Posted in, structural aspects.Used for smooth and consistent spreading of epoxy resin products or other low- viscosity coatings.Smaller trowels are useful for borders, work in restricted areas, or to work in flashing accents of dry-shake color hardener.Grout - A mixture of cementitious materials and water, with or without aggregate, proportioned to produce a creamy consistency.Build - The wet or dry thickness of a coating or topping.Often vulnerable to cracking, unless a control joint is installed.
Fibers - Tiny filaments made of polypropylene, polyolefin, nylon, polyethylene, polyester, or acrylic used alone or in conjunction with rebar or welded wire mesh to reinforce concrete.

Post navigation, backyard Bioshelter, breaking Down the Barriers: Challenges and Solutions to Code Approval of Green Building.V vapor barrier - A moisture-impervious material, such as plastic sheeting, placed on the subbase under a concrete slab to help prevent moisture vapor transmission.(Also see cement replacement ).The material is placed in a hopper attached to a spray gun, which is powered by an air compressor.Spiked kneeboards - Kneeboards with spikes on the bottom that elevate finishers off floor surfaces to permit easier finishing of toppings and overlays.Crack chasing - Routing out cracks in concrete with a saw or angle grinder before filling with a repair material.Craze cracks - A series of fine, random cracks caused by shrinkage of the surface mortar.To be used in combination with Metabo electric drill.C calcium chloride vapor-emission test - An astm test used to measure the volume of moisture vapor released from a concrete substrate pro v5 08c crack over time (typically 24 hours).A-C D-F G-I J-L M-O P-R S-V W-Z G gauge rake - A tool with an adjustable depth gauge designed for application of high-build coatings or cementitious toppings at a preset, uniform thickness.Another technique, for use on existing concrete, is to apply adhesive stencils and then color, etch, or sandblast the surface.Salt finish - A textured, decorative finish obtained by broadcasting rock salt onto fresh concrete and then using a roller or float to press the salt particles into the surface.Membrane - Formed over a concrete surface to provide protection and enhance color.Pinholing - A defect in a coating characterized by pinhead-sized holes that expose the underlying substrate.The usual measure of consistency is slump.
Contractors use a floor polisher equipped with diamond-segmented abrasives, progressing from coarser to finer grits until the desired level of sheen is achieved.