Some polls suggest Fernandez could defeat him in a second round of voting if she officially throws her hat in the the book, Fernández also describes the tense relations between her late husband and predecessor as Argentina's president, Néstor Kirchner, and Buenos Aires Archbishop Jorge.
It is clear that they do not know me Fernández writes on the back the book, the former president describes Macri as "chaos" and says that because of this "Argentina must be put in order again."The two are fierce rivals and Fernandez is seen.
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Fernández, who was Argentina's president from 2007 to 2015, has not formally declared her intention to run in October elections, but is seen as a possible challenger to conservative President Mauricio Macri.Choose from two package options that work best for you.Fernández, 66, was known for her interventionist and populist policies while in office.Download your favorite FOX Business Network shows without commercials!FOX business network premium podcasts (audio only download your favorite FOX Business Network shows without commercials!They believed that they would knock me down.Buenos aires, Argentina Former Argentine President Cristina Fernández has published a new book filled with celebrity anecdotes and shots at her main political rival just months before presidential elections in what many are calling the launch of her bid to return to e release.Click on a show below to begin the subscription process.FOX business network premium podcasts (audio only).Fernández will present "Sincerely" on May 9 at the Buenos Aires Book Fair in what promises to be a political mudena Calatrava, The Associated Press.Some credit her for leading the country out of an economic crisis, while others blame her for creating its current the book, the leftist leader analyzes her private life and allegations of corruption against her."They did and continue to do everything they possibly can.Home OF hockey, stream over 500 games blackout-free, including Hockey Night in Canada, the Oilers, Flames, Canucks, Leafs, All-Star Game, every game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs NHL Draft.News, the Canadian Press, argentina's Fernández releases memoir ahead of elections.
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